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Not another care handbook: Pearls of wisdom for care managers

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This major work presents the thoughts in condensed form of 109 care home experts who have each written a chapter on key issues affecting the vitally important role of the manager in the care home. These experts start from the premise that the manager is central to the quality of care provided in a care home, and in an unique format, they have each focused on presenting the ten points they consider most important in their area of expertise. With over 100 authors and each making ten points there are therefore more than 1000 pearls of wisdom.

Topics covered include:

  • Learning from each other
  • Key management topics
  • Promoting your home successfully
  • Legal quagmires and pitfalls
  • Running a safe home
  • Staff: your most valuable resource
  • Getting personal
  • Valuing and working with residents/family/friends
  • Activities
  • Special challenges
  • End of life care
  • Reflections

Not another care handbook: Pearls of wisdom for care managers is designed to inspire inexperienced staff, energise and inform current staff and stimulate senior management.

Edited by Dr Richard Hawkins, Editor-in-Chief, Caring Times; Foreword by Barbara Pointon MBE