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  • The music died, but we’ll meet again with energy and passion

    The music died, but we’ll meet again with energy and passion

    When coronavirus arrived, it felt like “the day the music died” to singing groups across Scotland. Diana Kerr set out to record and capture their energy and passion so that they can restart with equal vigour once the virus has been beaten

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  • Playfulness and mischief – an intergenerational journey

    Playfulness and mischief – an intergenerational journey

    An intergenerational Christmas party held on an acute hospital ward sparked off plans for a whole new project. But would it be possible to overcome staff resistance? Jo James, Nicola Abraham and Elizabeth McGeorge describe what happened next

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  • How ‘gay bashing’ in the past can affect people now

    How ‘gay bashing’ in the past can affect people now

    In the modern world most of us accept sexuality as integral to personhood, but an LGBT+ person with dementia may struggle with memories of an intolerant past. Lynne Phair and Roy Wells reflect on the impact this can have on care and support

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  • Season's Greetings

    Season's Greetings

    23.12.20 It is so hard to sum up the year we've just had. We can never forget how badly people with dementia have fared with Covid-19, but nor can we forget the courage and determination so many have shown in these difficult times. We will be back in January with more news and views from our sector, and in the meantime the Journal of Dementia Care and UK Dementia Congress wish all our readers the best possible Christmas and New Year.

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  • COVID-19 vaccinations and care homes: programme launch

    COVID-19 vaccinations and care homes: programme launch

    08.12.20 Helen Whately, Minister for Care, has written to care homes for older people and local authorities, outlining plans for getting the first COVID-19 vaccine to care home staff, from the first day vaccinations are available. Last week, the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisations confirmed that adult social care is in its top priority groups for vaccination. The letter advises that the initial focus is on vaccinating care home workers and the over 80s and that vaccines will be available from 8 December 2020, initially in up to 50 hospital hubs across England. It also sets out a number of steps care home managers should take in preparation for the vaccinations. Read the letter here

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  • Care leaders urge government to rethink rules on staff movement

    Care leaders urge government to rethink rules on staff movement

    08.12.20 Care sector leaders in the south of England have urged the government to rethink impending legislation restricting all but essential staff movement between care homes. Surrey Care Association (SCA) leaders fear that the government’s plans, outlined in the Covid-19 Winter Plan, will undermine “care providers’ flexibility in the face of ongoing, existential challenges, something that will prove hugely detrimental in both the short and longer term”. SCA director Maria Mills said that managers had been doing all they could to restrict movement. But she added: “This change to movement will have a profoundly negative impact on the ability to offer safe care. It’s an occurrence across the industry for some staff to work across settings – especially in smaller 3, 4 or 5 person homes, such as managers and clinical staff. Many care providers also rely on agency staff, who they’ll often have established working relationships with, calling them in to plug staffing gaps."

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  • New guidance on care home visits

    New guidance on care home visits

    07.12.20 After a storm of protest from carers’ groups and charities, the government issued new guidance this week allowing closer contact between care home visitors and residents. Following a successful pilot scheme in the West Country each resident has been allowed up to two visitors twice a week, but visitors have to be tested for coronoavirus on arrival using new fast-turnaround lateral flow devices. The National Care Forum (NCF), representing not-for-profit providers, welcomed the move but questioned whether care homes had the capacity to meet testing requirements. “NCF analysis suggests that addressing all the testing commitments… will require an additional 3.6 million hours of care home staff time, currently with no additional resource to deliver this,” said the forum’s executive director Vic Rayner.

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  • Care home staff will be first for vaccine, residents may have to wait

    Care home staff will be first for vaccine, residents may have to wait

    04.12.20 Reports suggest that care home staff will be first in line for the new vaccine, but that there could be significant delays in getting it to care home residents. According to a story in the Times this morning, care home staff will be able to be vaccinated in hospitals from Tuesday, but regulatory problems in dividing up vaccine batches for delivery to care homes themselves may mean that residents don’t get the jab for another fortnight or even longer. “As soon as it is legally and technically possible to get the vaccine into care homes, we will do so,” England’s deputy chief medical officer Jonathan Van-Tam said yesterday. “But this is a complex product with a very fragile culture. This is not a yoghurt that can be taken out of the fridge and put back in multiple times.” The Times report suggests that distribution problems are likely to delay the vaccine reaching care homes by at least two weeks, while others say the delay could stretch into January.

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  • E-Newsletter 27 Nov

    E-Newsletter 27 Nov

    Here is this week’s round-up of dementia care news, stories and comment. This week's topics include the latest on rapid Covid-19 for care homes and home care, and how social care fared in the spending review. It is an editor's selection which we hope you will enjoy.

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  • Survey on speech and language therapy

    Survey on speech and language therapy

    04.12.20 The Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists wants to find out how the pandemic is affecting the provision of speech and language therapy services and asks those who care for relatives or friends who use these services to complete the survey. The college will use the results to campaign for more services. Link to survey here

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