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  • JDC Asks...

    JDC Asks...

    A rating of ‘inadequate’ from CQC can mean the care home goes out of business, while an ‘outstanding’ one can do wonders for business and morale. But do CQC ratings really reflect the standards of care delivered?

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News Update

  • Dementia Research Institute rolls out plans for “life-changing discoveries”

    Dementia Research Institute rolls out plans for “life-changing discoveries”

    26.04.17 The new Dementia Research Institute (DRI), based at University College London (UCL), has announced details of a £55 million research programme spread across six leading universities. Five new DRI centres joining UCL in the research programme have been named as Cambridge, Cardiff and Edinburgh Universities, Imperial College London and King’s College London. It is hoped that the DRI will revive the search for new dementia drugs following a series of recent setbacks and eventually it will have 400 researchers working to achieve the goal. The Medical Research Council said the six centres offered state-of-the-art research and imaging facilities which would be used to expand on the traditional views of neurodegenerative disease in the complex environment of the brain, taking into account interactions with wider physiological processes in the human body that may influence the risk of developing dementia and its rate of progression.

  • Young Dementia Network launches diagnostic tool for doctors

    Young Dementia Network launches diagnostic tool for doctors

    21.04.17 A pilot GP decision-making tool has been launched by the Young Dementia Network (YDN), which is hosted by the charity YoungDementia UK. YDN has worked closely with GPs to create the tool because accurate and timely diagnosis is essential if people are to live well with young onset dementia. Evidence suggests that it currently takes twice as long for a younger person to receive a dementia diagnosis than for an older person. Feedback is welcomed from people with young onset dementia, their families and professionals. People are urged by the YDN to read about the tool and review it by completing one of the online surveys (one for GPs, another for others), as well as take a copy of the tool to their own GP and tell other health professionals about it while encouraging them to complete the surveys too. Click HERE

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